“Jacqueline has a happy knack of being able to Garner Information and then use it effectively to the benefit of her client. She helped me in one hour to put one of my Demons to rest. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their performance”

Colin Bonham

Horton Business to Business Marketing

“Jacqueline has a wonderful ability to inspire and challenge you. She is an engaging and knowledgeable industry leader who really gets to the centre of what makes your business tick and how it can be improved and scaled up . Jacqueline is an insightful coach and mentor who genuinely cares about getting the very best from you and seeing your business flourish. I 100% recommend her services to you”

Esther Greenwood

Founder, Satarah recruitment

“Meeting Jacqueline and having her as my Business Coach has been defining. She encouraged me to increase my confidence levels so they were embedded within me so that my business would benefit. Jacqueline is engaging, encouraging and powerful in her coaching. Together we worked on a three year plan which has propelled my Business to a level far greater than I first imagined. With Jacqueline’s support, I have achieved every single goal that we strategically planned. My business has flourished and I highly recommend Jacqueline as a first class Business Coach.”

Sharon Bassett

Estate and Financial Planner

“It was absolutely brilliant – Jacqueline Day was fab! Very enthusiastic, helpful and full of information that it was just he kick-start I needed. I feel so fired up and now know what I need to do to develop my business”


Thannhauser Designs

“It has been an absolute pleasure to attend Jacqueline’s Master Class. Firstly a warm welcome and a glow of positivity, Jacqueline was a breath of fresh air to me. Using some amazing business tools and skills to build a complete picture as to where our business was at right now, where it will go, and how we can reach that goal. Being lost ‘in’ the business, Jacqueline has given me incredible support to allow myself to take a step back and work ‘on’ the business. I would highly recommend anyone in Business to speak with Jacqueline. You will find her an essential part of your business growth. Thank you Jacqueline.”

Craig Barber

Focussed Publications

“Jacqueline is a fantastic Coach who communicates some fantastic models to use in my business and a straight forward honest way of focusing on the right things”

Steve Bishop

Beach Marketing

Jacqueline has carried out a series of coaching sessions to produce a growth plan for our business. We went through the business growth program and through Jacqueline’s expertise were able to identify some gaps in the services in which we offered . Jacqueline very skillfully coached, advised, and challenged the business and we are now offering new services which compliment the business and meeting clients needs while providing us with a new avenue of business to increase our revenue and profitability.

Dubcan Webster

Founder, 1PCS

New Avenues of Business Growth Jacqueline has mentored and coached me during a difficult time. She immediately helped to see that there was a new way forward and helped me tap into my own resourcefulness. Jacqueline was able to really take a deep dive into my business and provide expertise to find news avenues of business growth, to innovate and generate a new stream of income which has proved to be very lucrative. I highly recommend Jacqueline’s thought provoking coaching skills to take your Business to another level. My Business has gone from strength to strength.

Norman Evans

Founder, Digicom