DISC Personality Profiling

How well do you know yourself and your teams and people you interact with on a daily basis?

Are you outgoing or reserved? Are you people oriented or task oriented? Are you motivated by results? Do you respond to challenges? Do you like to influence and persuade others? Are you supportive of others? Do you like or resist change? Do you like detail and analysis?

These are only a few of the core traits that can be identified with DISC PERSONALITY PROFILING.

Discover who you really are and who the people around you really are. Create a deeper understanding of their strengths. Each and every team member has a valuable contribution to make and their traits when recognized will create effective and empowered communications and understanding. Collaborative working can take place with an increased sense of appreciation, care and focus.

When DISC PERSONALITY PROFILING is introduced to my clients and their teams, a greater awareness takes place and the benefits have increased morale, productivity and results.

The process takes a few minutes to complete and from this a very detailed and highly accurate analysis is created.

Dr. William H. Marston, a Psychologist invented DISC after many years of research.

“Jacqueline is a fantastic Coach who communicates some fantastic models to use in my business and a straight forward honest way of focusing on the right things”

Steve Bishop

Beach Marketing

It is never to soon to discover your true personality profile. You will be amazed at the discoveries and the moments of recognition – those lightbulb moments when you say – aaah yes, I get it now.

Apply now and you will be sent a link with a questionnaire to fill in and your report will be sent to your email address shortly afterwards.