I have found that effective coaching will inspire leaders so they achieve the extra-ordinary. Through my coaching leaders communicate effectively, inspire their teams and work in collaboration. My coaching will create a powerful vision for leaders when identifying their goals and direction.
Business owners come to me for coaching for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a Small , Medium sized Enterprise or Business Start-up, your coaching programme with me will be bespoke and tailor made for you and your business
Coaching is a carefully crafted set of strategies created to enable you to realise your true potential. It is a very practical solution to your development challenges. Coaching with me will get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the best way possible for you.
The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grindler devised NLP as a way of improving behaviour and performance. I trained with Richard Bandler to Master Practitioner Level. Richard Bandler is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the field of personal change

“It has been an absolute pleasure to attend Jacqueline’s Master Class. Firstly a warm welcome and a glow of positivity, Jacqueline was a breath of fresh air to me. Using some amazing business tools and skills to build a complete picture as to where our business was at right now, where it will go, and how we can reach that goal. Being lost ‘in’ the business, Jacqueline has given me incredible support to allow myself to take a step back and work ‘on’ the business. I would highly recommend anyone in Business to speak with Jacqueline. You will find her an essential part of your business growth. Thank you Jacqueline.”

Craig Barber

Focussed Publications